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To be successful in business today, you need Fearless Entrepreneur Business Coaching!

We specialize in Business Coach Training 

Our Business Coach Training guides you to use our proprietary FEARLESS coaching model to move your service-based business clients past the blocks that stop them.  From start-up to business growth, you will learn exactly what you need to do to be successful.  Use it for your own business development and then use it to coach your clients.  Keep reading to learn more.


If you want to become a business coach and don't have a step-by-step business coaching system, ours courses give you done-for-you solutions.

Get Clients Plan

Coaches and Consultants who are struggling to get and keep clients because they don't have a solid brand can align with the FEARLESS brand.

Save Money

Save time & expenses using professionally created and ready-made resources, templates & assessments that are designed to get results.

Excel as a Business Coach

Excel as a business coach by following our done-for-you solutions, sample coaching models and pricing strategies plus much more.

Done-For-You Solutions without the Licensing Fee

Fearless Entrepreneur Academy has a mission to help as many people as possible become FEARLESS in their business.  We want you to be successful and we don't want price to be a factor.  That is why we have chosen to put our proprietary training on the Udemy E-Learning Platform so that you can access this 11 course program at an affordable price which includes the licensing fee for all of the sessions.  Keep reading to learn more.

Business Strategies

Learn the exact strategies you need to move your clients through.  You get the steps, phases, exercises and activities all done for you and ready to to use with your clients.  

Experienced Professionals

By the time you finish the program, you will have coached no-fee and fee-received clients.  You will have established your business coaching practice while you are learning.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have 30 days from the time you join the courses to decide if the program is right for you.  However if you choose to continue using the session guides, you will be assessed the annual licensing fee of $995 U.S.D.

Mentoring and Support

You receive the mentoring and support that you need as you move through the Business Coaching Program.  Each course builds on the last and is designed with your ultimate success in mind.

Other Courses to Support You

Maybe you want to start a consulting business based on specialized knowledge that you have.  Here are some additional courses that will guide you in a step-by-step way.

Consulting Business 101: Become a Consultant Who is Fearless shows you how to be successful starting a consulting business. You learn the 7 Must-Know Building Blocks for Entrepreneurial Success, in the right order, so you can be successful in your consulting business.

This comprehensive, yet simple to follow, entrepreneurship course gives you business coaching, business consulting plus insider business tips and tricks to be fearless. 

Become a Consultant Who is Fearless

Consulting Start-Up: How to Start a Consulting Business Fast is for you if:

  • You currently work for a consulting firm and want to start your own business.
  • You are an expert in a field and want to start your own consulting company.
  • You are looking at changing careers and want to know what it would take to start your own consulting business plus you need to learn how to start your business FAST.
How to Start a Consulting Business Fast

Marketing Strategy for Consultants gives you 10 Marketing Strategy Courses in 1! Competition in the consulting space is growing.  Rise above the noise by following our Fearless Entrepreneur comprehensive marketing strategy plan for consultants

Marketing Strategy for Consultants is for:

  • Consultants who want to dominate their market
  • Consultants who want an easy way to build their brand
  • Consultants who want to leverage their consulting services
Marketing Strategy For Consultants

Do you want to learn how to master your financial destiny and finally take control of debt, budgeting and investing? You are in the right place because this online personal finance course was created for you.

Personal Finance Mastery: Debt, Budgeting and Investing is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to get out of debt
  • You want to learn how to become more resourceful
  • You are starting a business
  • You want to start and stick with a budget
  • You are a first-time investor
Personal Finance Mastery

Let us Know What Other Training You Need

By now you probably know that we want you to be FEARLESSLY successful in your business and in life.  Let us know what other training you need to succeed.  

About Us

Want to learn how to become a business coach without spending a fortune? Fearless Entrepreneur Academy provides affordable yet high-quality business coaching courses that give you the inside track on being a hybrid business coach/consultant; a highly sought-after professional who expertly guides service-based businesses toward success.  We empower you to be your fearless best and guide others to do the same.  The world needs what you have to offer and what your client's have to offer and we provide you with the tools to make it happen.


Something happens between starting a service-based business and being successful in that business. The business failure statistics are alarming for this segment of business owners.  Why?  Most service-based business people are experts in their field but not expert at marketing.  They will invest in business coaching/consulting that helps them get and keep clients.

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